Social Project

Our Vision

Our goal is to preserve and rejuvenate cherished traditions and values with your help, fostering economic and educational opportunities for present and future generations.

Preservation of Traditions

Peru boasts a rich cultural tapestry, where people have coexisted harmoniously with Mother Earth (Pachamama) for centuries. Yet, these roots are now threatened by contemporary ignorance and greed.


During our time in Cusco, it became evident that many tour operators, even those well-intentioned, were not invested in preserving the unique traditions that define this region. It seemed that profit was their sole motivation. However, our experience immersed in the local way of life, the warmth of the people we encountered, and their stories ignited a passion within us.

The Beginning

This led us to initiate our first major project in September 2018, collaborating with the Palccoyo community. Despite initial skepticism stemming from past failed projects and exploitation by other agencies, we found individuals within the community eager to improve their way of life.

Our objective was clear: to share the authenticity of this environment with others and support the locals in preserving their heritage.

One of our initial endeavors was the creation of a potato museum, led by Laureano, a respected member of the village. His enthusiasm for showcasing their lifestyle and connection to nature inspired us. Despite facing physical limitations, Laureano saw this project as an opportunity to support his family and share their culture with visitors.

However, challenges arose when some agencies showed disregard for the community’s efforts, undermining trust. We quickly intervened to reaffirm our commitment to respectful collaboration.

Looking Ahead

In 2019, our focus shifted to reviving the weaving tradition, engaging travelers in the process and supporting the community through handicraft sales. Additionally, initiatives like breakfast in local homes and integrating alpacas into hikes further empowered the community and enriched travelers’ experiences.

Our ethos centers on equality, ensuring that locals are integral to every aspect of our tours. We aim to dismantle barriers between travelers and local staff, fostering camaraderie and mutual respect.

Life Enhancement

As we continue to expand our projects, your involvement is crucial. Whether through participation in our experiences, economic support, or spreading awareness, you play a vital role in enriching lives.

Join us on our journey to the alternative rainbow mountains and witness firsthand the impact of your contribution. Together, we can make a difference and enhance the lives of those in need.