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Machu Picchu Tours

Absolutely! Goosebumps? Absolutely yes! It’s those spine-tingling moments that fuel our passion for adventure. In Peru, every step of your journey is woven with stories born from unique experiences, moments of inspiration, triumph, and personal growth. Surrounded by the vibrant tapestry of culture and nature, these tales become the heartbeat of our daily drive.


Machu Picchu Tours

The rush of anticipation, the electric thrill of goosebumps, it’s incomparable. Venturing into the unknown, far from the familiar comforts of home, immersing ourselves in the vibrant tapestry of a new country and culture – that’s where Erik and Oliver found their calling. As two adventurous spirits hailing from Maastricht University in Germany, they seized the opportunity to turn their exchange semester into an unforgettable odyssey in Peru.

Their journey wasn’t just about ticking off landmarks or snapping photos; it was about forging a deep emotional bond with the enigmatic landscapes, rich history, and captivating culture of Peru. From the lush depths of the Amazon jungle to the rugged trails of the Andean mountains, where ancient ruins whisper tales of bygone civilizations, every step was a revelation. And let’s not forget those moments of pure bliss, lounging on sun-kissed beaches with a crisp, refreshing beer in hand.

Through it all, Erik and Oliver embraced the highs and lows, the triumphs and challenges, knowing that each experience added another layer to their story of exploration and discovery.

The downsides were glaring: overcrowded tourist spots, tour groups bursting at the seams, underpaid and disinterested guides rushing through poorly planned itineraries, and the distressing mistreatment of personnel and locals, leaving a sour taste in our mouths on more than one occasion. Sadly, these pitfalls could easily mar your own experiences.

Yet amidst the challenges, there were shining moments of goodness. The incredible individuals we crossed paths with, the captivating tales we absorbed, the hidden gems we stumbled upon, and the delectable flavors we savored — all treasures enriching our journey with unforgettable memories. And within these experiences, we glimpsed a vast potential to reshape the Peruvian adventure landscape for others.

Since then, our team has expanded, drawing in remarkable individuals both in the office and out in the field. What unites us? A shared vision and unwavering dedication to curating the Exploor experience, offering authentic small-group tours that transcend the ordinary.

For us, it’s not just about visiting stunning locales or ticking off landmarks. It’s about forging connections with the warm-hearted locals, delving into rich cultures and traditions, and ultimately, weaving together awe-inspiring tales of Peru.

Every tour you’ll find here has been meticulously crafted and tested time and again, fueled by our genuine passion for what we do. This dedication ensures a commitment to quality, a readiness to embrace the unexpected, and the assurance that you’re in the hands of seasoned explorers, ready to embark on unforgettable journeys together.

Experience Authenticity

Our authentic experiences are brought to life through our partnerships with local communities, restaurants, dedicated drivers, and guides—all rigorously tested and trained by our team.

Exceptional Customer Service

Renowned service excellence inspires our approach. From our office to the great outdoors, our entire team becomes your trusted companion, offering support before, during, and after your adventure.

Responsible & Sustainable Tourism

Engage with locals and cherish mindful moments while contributing to our social initiatives aimed at preserving traditions and enhancing livelihoods.

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